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The CDRMIP strongly encourages all interested parties to download CDRMIP model output, analyze it, and submit the analysis for publication.  If you have questions about CDRMIP or wish to know who may be actively working with CDRMIP data (i.e., to avoid writing the same paper as someone else) please see the Analysis Plans.

CDRMIP data will be available on the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF).

CDRMIP Data Policy

The CDRMIP policy for data use is that if you use output from a particular model, you should contact the modeling group and offer them a chance to contribute as an author(s) or via some other acknowledgement. Each modeling group is well posed to understand its model and the intricacies of performing the CDRMIP experiments, so their perspectives will undoubtedly be useful.

Simulation Status

Modelling groups are requested to keep track of simulation status via the following link:

Analysis Plans

Analysis of CDRMIP simulations is open to all. Here we try to coordinate analysis to avoid duplication and to foster collaboration.

Click here for a google doc link where you can post your plans

The CDRMIP data use policy can be found above.